Who We Are

Metro Internet Marketing is a full-scale Internet marketing agency founded in 2011. We can help you improve the way you look in search. You can get more leads and more customers.

Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses.

We offer varying levels of hand-holding, depending on your need.

We spend countless hours scouring the literature to stay cutting edge. You know how it is when you love what you do. Then we make reams of data available to you in a manner you can easily consume.

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What We Do

Whether you do it or we do it, somebody needs to do a deep dive into your online presence, both on your website and off.

Today’s search  algorithms have grown up and there’s just no foolin’ them anymore. How to get around that?

Build a real audience. Get verifiable engagement.

Put optimization in place that will stick, for the long turn. Not the latest fad that will fail with the next update.

We listen intently as our client describe their dream. We hope you’ll consider us part of your team.

We promise to be brutally honest and not waste your time. The goal is always to provide you with great service.

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Pay Per Click, Paid Search Marketing

We are a Certified Google Partner specializing in Google Search.

Jennifer L Metro

JenniferLMetroMy name is Jennifer L Metro and I created Metro Internet Marketing as a place to share Internet Marketing  information with you.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology cum laude. My Master of Science Technology is in Graphic Information Technology. Honored with Phi Kappa Phi means I graduated near the top of my class.

I’m not trying to brag. In fact, book smarts aren’t necessarily the best smarts to have compared to street smarts and people skills. Anyway, I’ll try not to bust out any big words on ya. Ok, I just lied.

I have done a lot of volunteer work. First, on the Little League board, as Safety Officer. Then I organized my neighbors to put playground equipment in a retention basin. Honest to God. It’s in Glendale, AZ. Check it out. 63 Ave and Peoria. Yep.

My focus at the university included a study of  Jakob Nielsen the number one expert in usability. My approach to your online presence is from the perspective of your users.

Through exploring Edward R. Tufte’s Envisioning Information  I learned techniques to display a great deal of information while still remaining very clear.

Let me synthesize great amounts of data into something you can comprehend. That is what I do. Internet Marketing can be overwhelming. Let’s break it down. Let’s clear up the fog.

Let me help you get your questions answered. Call me!

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(480) 331-3148

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