You Want to Dominate Online?

Of course you do.

You want to dominate online and you know that you can!

If you are here it’s because you believe in your service or product. You also know that people need what you provide and that it is the best or only option for them.

You are committed to being authentic. Your level of transparency is inspiring. You are here to learn to dominate online, nothing else will do.

You’re also in it for the long run. You are building something that you want to last. Your online presence matters to you. Internet marketing is the long game. You are building relationships with people. You are NOT fly by night and not looking to get rich quick.

Here you will find advice that is brutally honest and unabashedly ethical, which is never an easy target. We might be a little snarky but in a nice way.

In other words, if you are a real person, looking for the truth about Internet marketing then you are in the right place.


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Focus on What You Love

You are a very busy person. Your passion consumes you. Your product or service, your e-book or idea is the next big thing and you know it. It consumes all your time and you love it. We know how you feel because that’s how we feel about Internet Marketing. We love it. It drives us.

Imagine living in a world where you can follow your passion.


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 Why Metro Internet Marketing?

Google’s first page is possible. Currently, Google is the leader in search. You can get more clicks and more conversions.

We will take a deep dive into your Internet presence, your messaging and your audience. This deep dive allows us to see your Internet presence from all sides.

Do you have a website? Is it fast enough? Is it responsive?

Do you have Social Media? The right ones?

Do you have Email marketing? Are you growing your list?

We can help you make your online connections clearer and stronger.

It’s our passion.

Metro Internet Marketing is a Google Partner. That is, certified by Google to help you to improve your AdWords account.

We host “Get Your Business Online”, which are reoccurring Google My Business events. You can get free Google swag. Really. (Call me.)

We will gladly talk with a Google rep for you about Google Maps, AdWords and Google My Business which is often face to face (via Google Hangout).

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